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Tainá Moraes holds a master's degree in Social Communication (UERJ) in the research line Communication Technologies and Culture (2022). Graduated in Social Communication - Cinema from PUC-Rio (2011).
Since 2009, she has worked as an audiovisual editor, especially in feature-length documentaries, documentary series for TV and streaming, institutional videos for internal communication and videos for the Internet.

My first editing job was done while still in college "Pra Inglês Ver" (2009) directed by Vitor Granado and Robson Dias  was selected for the Gramado Film Festival in 2009 and for exhibition on the Curta platform Document

In 2008 I was hired as an intern at the product After Films where I assisted for TV shows such as Nota 10 (Canal Futura), Conexões Urbanas (Multishow) and Cilada (Multishow).

In 2009 and 2010 I worked as a freelancer at the Rio de Janeiro production company Conspiração Filmes where I assisted and edited TV shows such as Geléia do Rock (Multishow), Caminhos da Escola (Tv Escola) and Viver para conta (Discovery).

Between 2011 and 2016, I worked for several production companies in Rio de Janeiro, such as Traquitana Filmes, where I edited several seasons of the program Que Marravilha! (GNT) and Panorâmica Filmes where I edited the documentary series Todos os Brasileiros do Mundo (Tv Brasil) and I was a scene editor in the children's soap opera Gaby Estrela (Gloob). I also worked at the production companies República Pureza (Galáxias), Zola (Arquitetura da Cor), Cine Group (O infiltrado) and Abbas Filmes (Na boca do povo).

In 2016 I worked as an additional editor for two feature length documentaries edited by Jordana Berg: Opening the Closet (Globo News) and Vertigo Democracy (Netflix).

In 2018 I worked as an Audiovisual Laboratory Technician in the Design course at PUC-Rio, assisting students, professors and employees of the Department of Arts and Design in the production and editing of videos, as well as giving lectures on video techniques, planning, organizing, purchasing and maintenance of audio and video equipment.

In 2019, the feature documentary Sambalanço - A Bossa que Dança (Tv Zero) was premiered, which I started editing in mid-2012. The film was selected for the Festival Mimo de Cinema.

From 2020 to 2022 I wrote and defended the dissertation entitled Sewing Stories - the role of montage in contemporary Brazilian cinema, receiving the title of Master in Social Communication from UERJ in 2022.

She is an active member of edt. - Association of Audiovisual Publishing Professionals, which aims to promote unity, organization, appreciation and defense of the job of editor/editor and assistant, promoting the technical, artistic and financial development of this professional category, having held positions of secretary and adviser on the board of directors of Association.

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